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Nores Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in November 2005 as a Private Limited Company.

We manufacture products under our own brands “LAMIS”

Over the years, Nores Industries Sdn. Bhd. is mainly involved in instant coffee and beverages O.E.M (Private Lable) services, specializing in premixed coffee products. Our products exported to some 30 countries worldwide.

With a fully equipped 75,000 sqft with 4 acres plant, along with licenses and certificates, we have enlarged our manufacturing capacity ensuring safe products, quality and yet staying competitive. Today, Nores Industries Sdn. Bhd. has risen to become one of the largest premixed coffee O.E.M manufacturer in Malaysia!

Mission &


~ To set and maintain the highest standard of quality and ethics in business

~ To provide perfect, delicious and excellent coffee products, reliable services to our customers

~ To earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and our community and to contribute to good development and prosperity

~ To inspire and to connect people


~ To be established and trusted as the perfect coffee business partner

~ To be a leader in innovation and standard quality of service

~ To be the leader in our markets